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100% Tailored to You

You're looking at the opposite of "one-size-fits-all." The 1AND1 YOU app takes into account all of your personal goals, needs and restrictions during the user onboarding phase to create the perfect plan for you.

Custom Meal Plans At Your Fingertips

Enjoy custom meal plans in-app, complete with beautiful visuals, a grocery shopping list, prep-instructions and more.

Interactive Workouts for At-Home Or In-Gym

A member from our Expert Team guides you through every single exercise in your custom program via in-app video. You'll never be left wondering how to perform a single movement.

Mental Fitness In The Palm Of Your Hand

At 1AND1 YOU, peak health and wellness begins with mental health and performance. Our Mindset and Emotional Well-Being sections of the app exist to properly condition and strengthen your mind during your new journey. These sections will be continuously updated with new content for optimal mental conditioning.

Dining Out / Ordering In Feature

Need to meet friends for dinner or don't feel like preparing a meal at home? That's what our Dining Out/Ordering In Tracker is for. Don't worry — you can stick to your meal plan. The app's got you covered.

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